About Gelap Ruang Jiwa

The Concept
Gelap Ruang Jiwa apt the absence of light. Darkness soothes in and entwines a murky affection with clutching dusk, whilst embracing the impenetrable solitude.

The voice echoes distinctively, it fit oneself in.

A place where fear threaded and desire bounded; the chaos abruptly snaps the psyche. Hence it’s reborn with a new form, adapted from feelings, thought, dreams which surround the psyche, making it alive.

The work of Gelap Ruang Jiwa is calming and melancholic.
The product
Artisanal Contemporary Jewelry : 
Gelap Ruang Jiwa products are designed through a material exploration process. Resurrected (re-use) various materials around, start playing with plastic trash, find rocks on the road, and so on. Then the prototype was changed to bronze so that it became a jewelry product that was ready for use
The Designer
Runa is an artist and creative director of Gelap Ruang Jiwa. She explores a different kind of material and combines it with a specific method. After majoring in Art and Craft of Textile, Runa is continuously sharpening her exploration technique in order to understand her sense and convey her feeling better because she’s always consciously aware of her emotional state within her psyche.
Her work embodies Runa's desire to explore, resulting in an unexpectable visual outcome. She believes her signature method was born from the habit of practice. Currently, she’s focusing on implementing his course of action to a fashion product. She wants other individuals to enjoy her creation as a customer and started Gelap Ruang Jiwa in 2018 as her visual work. The product could be identified as she's because it spoke the same language: the exploration of surface and texture and also, a poetical way of describing.